Huis Ten Bosch is nearby
for your enjoyment and entertainment.

This lodge is located in a peaceful countryside, surrounded by natural beauty of Sasebo, for you to boundlessly enjoy! If you are looking forward to having a memorable great time, this is the place!


  • Huis Ten Bosch is nearby

    "Huis Ten Bosch" is one of Japan's major theme park, where you can enjoy seasonal flowers and numerous attractions which utilizes the latest high technology. It is located approximately 5 minutes by vehicle from Green Lodge! You can enjoy without stress of movement.

  • Free transporation service to the airport! Rental vehicle is also available.

    Neighboring sightseeing, shopping and attraction areas have expanded. * Please check the status availability at the time of application.

  • A comfortable surroundings and an extended accomodations are also available.

    With an open face-to-face kitchen and Wi-Fi available throughout the surrounding lodge areas, the lodge is convenient and available even for long stays.

  • BBQ in a spacious garden

    The spacious and open garden area is perfect for having a barbeque cookout!
    Food supply/catering service is also available.

Your status or type of guest(s) that are applying

  • Friends / Groups

    Such as fellow friends and groups that are common

  • Business / Training

    A quiet environment where you can focus on your work or training.

  • Multiple families

    Sharing accommodation with other families

  • Foreigners

    Such as active Backpackers.


* Basic standard rate will be per one entire unit (A or B) as described below.

Unit A

Unit B

  • Unit A

    • 1FL


    • 2FL


    50,000 JPY +tax( per night )

  • Unit B

    • 1FL


    30,000 JPY +tax( per night )

  • Consumption tax will be applied separately.
  • Minimum of two people or more per unit are required for lodging.

What is included in the rate

  • Transporation service provided from and to Nagasaki Airport.
  • Rental vehicle is also available during your stay *
    * Must have either a valid Japanese driver's license or an International Driver's permit(Non-residents of Japan)
Rate Per Buidling Unit (A or B)
Unit A
50,000 JPY +tax
per unit/per night
Unit B
30,000 JPY +tax
per unit/per night
Breakfast service
Not provided
Parking spaces
Up to ten spaces available (A and B units combined)
BBQ/Outdoor cooking area
Available upon request
Housekeeping Service
  • None (optional)
  • Separate housekeeper fee
(Individual rooms/Shared spaces)
  • Hairdryer
  • Bathtub/Shower (Shared)
  • Toilet (Shared)
  • Kitchen with Utensils/cookware (Shared)
  • Washer/Dryer (Shared)
  • Television
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave oven
  • Electric Kettle
    • Free Wi-Fi service is available throughout the buildling (Password will be provided)
    • No Barefeet - (Indoor slippers available in rooms)
    • Smoking area is located outside (All rooms and spaces inside are No Smoking areas)
    • Use of BBQ equipment and charcoal will be charged upon request

Reservation / Application procedures

  • STEP 1


    Please apply online through our Web page or contact us by phone.

  • STEP 2

    Check in

    Please receive the key locally(Green Lodge ODA)

  • STEP 3

    Facility / Equipment use

    Please read the usage guidelines carefully and follow the rules and procedures.

  • STEP 4

    Check out

    Please return the key to the Green Lodge ODA receptionist.

Sign up from here

0956-59-6618 (DOM)

+81-956-59-6618 (INT)

Reservations over the phone
(Weekdays between 09:00 to 17:00 JST)

Reservations via the E-Mail
(Accepted 24 hours a day)

Payment methods and other procedures

Payment method
Cash or Credit Card (Advanced payment)
Check in / Check out
Green lodge ODA
( As arranged with customer )
Cancellation fee
100% - Start day of reservation / 50% the day before / 20% 3 days prior
Key receipt / return
Green Lodge ODA
Car rental

Please apply at the time of booking if you wish.

  • Fuel tanks will be full prior to renting. Fuel tank must be full when vehicle is returned.
Amenity goods,
options, etc.
No charge items/Free Usage
Bath towel, toothbrush, shampoo, rinse, body sponge, cotton swab, tissue, toilet paper, dryer, air conditioner, refrigerator, microwave, dishes, bicycle rental, Wi-Fi services
Charged item
Barbecue equipment rental fee (including charcoal) 3000 JPY +tax

Nearby tourist spots

  • Approximately 5 minutes
    by vehicle

    Huis Ten Bosch

    A theme park in Sasebo that recreates the Medieval European landscape. Flowers, music and light all year round.

  • Approximately 30 minutes
    by vehicle

    99 Islands Pearl Sea Resort

    A sightseeing spot with plenty of restaraunts, souvenir shops, boat tours and an aquarium.

  • Approximately 12 minutes
    by vehicle

    Saikai Bridge Park

    One of Nagasaki Prefecture's prefectural parks, nestled between Sasebo and Saikai City.

  • Approximately 25 minutes
    by vehicle

    Tenkaiho Observatory

    A scenic outlook located in Shimofunakoshicho, Sasebo, from which you can gaze over the 99 islands.

  • Approximately 70 minutes
    by vehicle

    Nagasaki Sightseeing (Glover Garden)

    A sightseeing spot located in Nagasaki City's Minamiyamate-cho.


Applicant's name
Applicant's Email address
Applicant's Email address (Confirmation)
Applicant's phone number
Representative's name
( If not same as applicant )
Number of guests
Preferred unit
Check in date
( Estimated time of arrival )

* Check in time is between 14:00 to 20:00 JST

Check out date

* Check out time is between 08:00 to 10:30 JST

Vehicle rental desired
Use of purchasing / delivery service
Other noteworthy things